About Us

“Your life. Your style.”

A homebuilder is a homebuilder is a homebuilder, right?  Not quite. Not even close.  At Vericor Homes, we see it from a different perspective. One that understands this is not just some building. It’s where you raise your kids, dream your dreams, fight your fights, celebrate your birthdays, mourn your losses, bring home that stray dog, introduce the new boyfriend to the old man, binge watch a rainy day away, and keep your own romance alive.

This is home.

Vericor Homes are not starter homes where you’ll spend a few years dreaming about moving up. This is moving up.  This is your place to stay.  To settle in and settle down.  To plant your roots, content in the knowledge that your well-constructed, well-planned, well-isn’t-this-comfortable home stands the test of time and the tests of life.

A different kind of home from a different kind of homebuilder. A builder who gets it, who knows your concerns, who appreciates your aspirations, who understands that this just might be your biggest investment ever… and who wants you to rest easy in your purchase decision… and in your spacious new bedroom.

Vericor Homes are built with hammers and nails and 2x4s—and genuine care. Because even though you live in the house, we live with the reputation. And that’s why we do what we do the way we do it.

Vericor Homes.

Your life. Your style.

This is home.

Over 75 Years Of Combined Home Building Experience!

Experience, craftsmanship, AND A collaborative approach.

Vericor Homes is a different kind of homebuilder—one that uses experience, craftsmanship, and a collaborative approach to give you an exceptional lifestyle homebuilding experience for a space where you will love to live. We believe in a strong commitment to integrity and service to our customers, our trade partners, and our employees.


Hard work and success go hand-in-hand. Which is why we put in our best effort every single day, every single task. And why we demand the same from all of our contractors and suppliers. Building the best home we can means doing every step of the process with the same desire for excellence. So, you can expect clean, well-organized work areas with clear directives using industry best practices.


As part of our commitment to providing the best home for the best possible price, we’re constantly on the search for new ideas that improve value. This includes everything from finding and implementing new technologies, to improving processes and systems for a more efficient and cost-effective result.


Although you live in the home, we live with the reputation. That’s why product value and customer satisfaction are the priority with everything we do. From schedules and payments to challenges that arise during or after construction, we’ll keep you informed and resolve issues—with no surprises. You have our word. And to us, that means everything.